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India is known for its religious and cultural festivals as no other country exists with so many festivals that almost every month has at least one festival. But that’s not it yet as what makes these festivals even more enjoyable is the participation of people regardless of their religion or caste. 

That’s why the significance of Indian festivals can be seen in organizations too like offices and schools. One of the most popular festivals is Holi, which is often celebrated in offices with colors. But if you want to make it more special, then you should try new ways to celebrate this beautiful festival. That’s why we are here to give you the best Holi celebration ideas in the office. And don’t leave the blog even if your employees work remotely, as we have something for you guys as well. 

What is Holi? – The Festival of Vibrant Colors

Holi is a vibrant and joyous festival celebrated primarily in India. According to the Hindu mythology, it marks the arrival of spring. It is often called the “Festival of Colors” because people celebrate by throwing colored powders and water at each other. Holi is celebrated on a full moon day, usually in March.

The festival has both cultural and religious significance. From the religious point of view, it marks the victory of good over evil, as told in the story of Prahlad and Holika from Hindu mythology. Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, survived a fire set by his evil aunt Holika, symbolizing the triumph of faith and righteousness.

Holi begins with Holika Dahan, a ritual where people light bonfires on the night before Holi to signify the burning away of evil. The next day is filled with lively festivities. People of all ages gather in the streets to play with colors, sing, dance, and enjoy traditional sweets and snacks. Popular Holi treats include gujiya, a sweet pastry filled with dried fruits and coconut.

Holi fosters a sense of community and togetherness. It is a time to forget past grievances, repair relationships, and celebrate the joy of life. The colorful celebrations, music, and laughter make Holi a truly unique and cherished festival.

Five Holi Celebration Ideas in the Office

1) Rangoli Competition

The first idea for the Holi celebration in the office is the rangoli competition. Rangoli is an art which is usually made on the floor. It contained designs and patterns made up of gulal, a powdered form of colors. These colors are also used to celebrate Holi by throwing them at each other. 

You can host a rangoli competition in your office and keep prizes for the winner, first runner-up up, and second runner-up. It sparks creativity among the employees. It’s also a great way to celebrate Holi while enjoying making it memorable. 

2) Paint the Wall

Talking about the memorable Holi celebration ideas in the office, let’s also add painting a wall to the list. It is as simple as it sounds. Ask your employees to bring colors to your office. Now, choose a clean wall and start throwing colors on it one by one. It will not take much time before a beautiful painting of multiple colors starts to appear. It will be memorable as that wall will remain with you forever. Also, if you don’t want to do it with a wall, then you can do it with a canvas, which you can hang on a wall after the celebration. 

3) Paint the Tees

Next up on the list is a memorable way to celebrate Holi, and it’s quite a common one, too. What you have to do is hand over your employees a white T-shirt and simply begin the celebration with colors. A variation of this celebration can be using old white T-shirts that you can ask your employees to come to the office with an old white T-shirt. Then, you can either celebrate Holi or host a painting competition where your employees will paint their t-shirts. Same as the rangoli competition, hand over gifts to the winning employee, the first runner up, and the second runner up. Also, keep these t-shirts to frame and hang on office walls as a memory of the Holi celebration. 

4) Playing Holi

Playing Holi is one of the best and simplest Holi celebration ideas in the office. You can book an open space to organize this event. Just keep a lot of colors on the table and also water to make it even more enjoyable. Now let your employees play Holi with each other. It’s a good idea to celebrate Holi as it lets your employees enjoy it as it should. Also, make sure that you only use herbal colors to play Holi in such an event. Moreover, you can even elevate the celebration with the arrangement of snacks and drinks to keep the employees full of power throughout the event. 

5) Game-Based Holi Celebration

Now, if you want to do something different from traditional celebrations, you can host an event with multiple games. The concept is simple. Just add a lot of games to be played one by one, and make sure to add elimination, as it will make the games more fun and competitive. You can start with games like Tug of War, where all the employees are divided into two teams. It will be a quick elimination round so that half of the employees will be eliminated. Then you can add games with multiple teams, and, lastly, add a final game between the last two employees. To make it interesting, you can add games from a popular web series called the Squid Games. Its games were very interesting and became an instant hit among people. So, it will absolutely be a good idea to add them to your Holi event. 

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Three Holi Celebration Ideas for Remote Employees

1) Virtual Holi Party

A virtual Holi party can be fun and engaging to celebrate Holi in the office with remote employees. Set a date and time and send out colorful virtual invitations to everyone. During the party, you can organize various activities, such as a Holi-themed dress code where everyone wears bright, festive colors. Incorporate fun games like online quizzes or scavenger hunts with a Holi twist. 

You can use video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to create breakout rooms for smaller group interactions. Here, the employees can catch up and share stories. Play Holi music in the background. Moreover, it encourages team members to share their favorite Holi memories. To make it more special, you can send Holi gift hampers in advance, including colors, sweets, and small gifts, so everyone can feel the festive spirit together.

2) Holi Art and Craft Workshop

Organize a Holi-themed art and craft workshop where remote employees can unleash their creativity. It is similar to the Holi celebration ideas in the office mentioned above. Hire a professional artist or craft expert to guide the session over a video call. 

The workshop can include painting with watercolors, making DIY Holi decorations, or creating colorful rangoli designs. Provide your employees with a list of materials beforehand or send them a craft kit to ensure everyone has what they need. Encourage employees to share their finished artwork during the session and display them in their home office spaces. This activity not only celebrates the essence of Holi but also promotes relaxation and mindfulness. To add a competitive edge, you could host a contest for the best artwork, with fun prizes for the winners. 

3) Online Holi-themed games and Contests

Engage remote employees with a series of online Holi-themed games and contests. Create a variety of activities that everyone can participate in, regardless of their location. For example, you could organize a Holi trivia quiz with questions about the festival’s history, traditions, and customs. Another idea is to host a virtual treasure hunt where employees solve clues and complete tasks related to Holi. 

You can also have a photo contest where employees share pictures of their home Holi decorations or colorful outfits. Collaboration tools like Slack or Teams can create dedicated channels for these activities, allowing employees to share their entries and interact with each other. Offer fun prizes for the winners, such as gift cards or e-vouchers. 

Wrapping Up

In totality, these are the eight Holi celebration ideas in offices and remote settings. With these ideas, you can make this Holi memorable for your employees. Moreover, some of them are also good for encouraging your employees’ creativity, such as making rangolis. So, this Holi makes it special and memorable for your employees.