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Similar to love at first sight is the retention at first sight among the new employees joining new organizations. When an employee comes to a new organization, there are various factors that affect his/her employee experience and satisfaction from the very beginning. It includes the onboarding, the first time he/she meets the team, and what he/she gets as a welcome or joining kit. 

Joining kits play an important role in building a positive employee experience on their first day. It is one of the ways to make sure that your employee remains with you for a long time or even a lifetime till retirement. But anything as a welcome gift sounds too old-fashioned in today’s world where personalization is spread in all directions. That’s why, we have come up with six joining kits for new employees ideas in this blog. So, let’s get started. 

Why Should You Give Your New Employees a Joining Kit?

Joining kits are important in offices. They help new employees feel comfortable. When someone joins a company, everything is new and can be confusing. A welcome kit makes things easier.

The kit usually has useful items. There might be a notebook, pen, and company information. Sometimes there is a mug or a t-shirt with the company logo. These items help new employees feel part of the team.

A joining kit shows that the company cares and tells new employees that they are valued. This can make them feel happy and more excited about their job. Feeling appreciated can make them work better.

Welcome kits can also have important information. They might include a map of the office, a list of contacts, or instructions on how to use the computer system. This helps new employees learn their way around faster.

Having a welcome kit can reduce stress. Starting a new job can be overwhelming. A kit with helpful items and information makes it easier to settle in. It can make the first days at work smoother.

In short, welcome kits are a simple way to make new employees feel good. They help people get started quickly and feel like part of the company. This is good for both the new employees and the company.

Six Ideas for Joining Kit for New Employees

1) Tech Accessories

If your employee is joining for a position where he/she has to sit before a laptop or PC, then tech accessories are the best items to put in the tech accessories. For instance, if you are hiring a video editor, then you can welcome the editor with a kit including tech essentials like headphones, a mouse, keywords, a mouse pad, a portable SSD, etc. These things will be a great add-on which will enhance the quality of your employee’s work. 

You can customize this kit as per the needs of the employees. Offering such joining kits not only boosts the productivity of the employees but also leaves a great impact on the employee experience at first sight. 

2) Gift Hampers

But what about the joining kit for new employees who may not need such gadgets? In that case, you can go with gift hampers. You can create a gift hamper for various purposes. Let’s say you are a skincare brand and just hired a new sales representative. So, you can welcome the representative with a skincare routine kit made with your brand’s products. Offering your own products to your employees is a great way to make them loyal to your company, which is important for a brand. Not only welcome kits, but companies like Hindustan Unilever keep offering their own beauty products to their employees from time to time. 

3) E-commerce Gift Cards

Let’s now talk about an idea for a joining kit for new employees, which gives them more flexibility with their kit. You can offer your employees gift cards from famous e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. It will give them the flexibility to spend their joining kits, which, with other ideas, may not be possible. Gift cards are also good for another reason: they can be customized as per the employee’s post. For instance, if an employee joins at a junior level, then you can create a gift card worth ₹2000-5000, and if an employee joins at a senior rank, then the gift card can be worth more than ₹5000 to whatever amount you want. 

4) Household Supplies

Let’s see what you can give as a joining kit for new employees in a factory. Factory workers usually don’t value tech products or e-commerce gift cards as they come from a background where they never felt the need for such things. Hence, you have to make sure that whatever you give them on their first day should be something that they and their family value. Household supplies are quite common for such employees as they can use them in their house rather than putting the gift on a shelf as a showcase. Coffee or tea sets, blankets, and utensils are some of the items that you can welcome your factory employees with. 

5) Welcome kit for the Safety of the Employees

As the pandemic hit the world, safety became a concern for everyone. So, everyone was advised not to step out of the house. However, there are some posts in many companies that are required to continue outside operations even during the pandemic. That’s enough to say that a safety kit can also be a welcome kit for new employees. The employees that need to be outside to perform their duties can be offered safe, joining kits for their safety and as a gesture of caring nature. You can include face masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc, in the kit. Also, even when the pandemic is no more hazardous than it used to be, there are some problems that field sales representatives have to deal with, like direct exposure to sunlight, UV rays, etc. So, including hand sleeves, sunglasses, sunscreen, head caps, etc., is also a great idea for Safety joining kits for sales employees. 

6) Shoutout and Free Courses

Junior employees and interns make a huge part of any company, and what they mostly need in their careers are recognition and growth. That’s why these two ideas are totally focused on your new junior-level employees and interns. To give them recognition among your other employees and people who follow you on social media, you can give them a shoutout stating how proud you are for adding them to your team and how you look forward to their contribution to your growth. 

Moreover, for the employees’ growth, you can offer them free courses to educate themselves with new skills. For instance, if an intern joined you as a content creator then you can offer him/her an online course to boost their productivity and add to their experience. It will help your employees and interns to grow faster and also contribute to your company’s growth. 

To Sum Up

In conclusion, a joining kit for new employees is important for many reasons. Whether the employee’s satisfaction and experience or the productivity and growth, joining kits helps you with all these factors. In the above blog, there are ideas for every organization. If you have a good budget for the welcome kit, you can use tech accessories and gift hampers. However, for those with a tight budget, you can give your new employees a shoutout. Similarly, if you run a factory and want to gift your new factory employees, then you can go with household items instead of other gifts.

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