Attendance Management System

In an organization, it is crucial to keep a record of how many days the employees worked and how many hours they worked. It's important for multiple reasons, which contain benefits for both the employee and employer. That's why it's an important task in the list of HR tasks. However, when it comes to applying it in an organization, doing it manually may become an additional task. So, instead of solving things, it may make things even worse. That's where the CloveHRMS' time attendance management system plays an important role. Our time attendance management system allows for the implementation of automated time tracking along with attendance syncing, which not only makes attendance take flawlessly but also helps in other HR processes like payroll calculations. It tracks every employee at any point in time to understand their activity and inactivity. Moreover, it also keeps track of their leaves and attendance, making payroll calculations more accurate. Moreover, the time tracking feature can even help you save yourself from legal actions by tracking the employees' overtime hours and syncing them with the payroll manager.

Key features


Punch-In and Punch-out Integration

CloveHRMS time attendance management system allows real-time integration and software-based punch-in and punch-out systems. Hence you get real-time attendance tracking that can't be faked at all.

Payroll Integration

Payroll calculation is a hectic task as it needs you to take in account the leaves, absences, and other deductibles. However, with the time attendance management system, all this syncs directly, and salaries are calculated automatically.

Leave Management

Leave management is a crucial self-service feature that streamlines the leave application feature. It allows the employees to take leave with a few clicks and also updates the HR and managers about it in real-time. With an interactive dashboard, HR can see the applications and approve or reject them right away.

Absence Management

It's another feature that helps bring flawlessness to the operations of the organization. It basically informs about the employees who are not present as soon as the punch-in time hits its end. With this information, managers can make changes to the project to keep it on track.

Mobile Application

Mobile application support is a trending feature for time attendance management software. It allows all the parties to carry the whole system in their pockets. Ut ultimately cuts the need to carry a laptop just to deal with attendance management.

Cloud-Based Application

As many startups are emerging in the new space of business, they can't spend in many things like installing a server. That's why our time attendance management system works on cloud. This feature makes it compatible for small and medium organization along with the large ones.

Compliance Management

There are many compliances that one has to manage to avoid any legal trouble. Many of these compliances are regarding leaves and office hours. Our system complies with different state labor laws regarding the number of leaves an employee can take and the calculation of overtime hours.

Employee Self-Service features

As working from home has been normalized a lot, self-service features are playing a crucial role in keeping the HR work flawless. Employees can do multiple things on their own like punching in and out, applying for leave, notifying break timing, etc.

Performance Appraisals

It is one of the best features of our attendance management system which allows the employer and HR team to evaluate the performance of employees based on their work timings, absence, and other factors.

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    Attendance Management Tool - Quick & Easy Use

    We at CloveHRMS understand that attendance management can be tricky, so with these implementations, we have tried our best to eliminate any future problems.


    An organization always looks for growth that's why a small company that starts with a few employees, gets bigger over time. So we have already taken your success into account and offer you a scalable time attendance tool. Hence you don't have to worry about transferring your data from one place to another because when you get bigger we'll also offer our service expansion as well.

    Automated functionalities

    We don't want you to do things manually, as having too much human interaction may cause errors. So, we have tried to make our system as automated as it can. Be it the Insights generation for performance evaluation or tracking the leaves of every employee, you need to make minimal efforts for everything.

    Statutory Compliance

    Do you know that your employees for underpaying them once? You may think, why would you do that, but it can actually happen by accident. For example, the calculation of overtime hours is done 1.5 times the regular pay. So, if you fail to calculate the pay correctly, it will lead to underpayment and the violation of labor laws. However, our time attendance management system not only tracks the time but also complies with labor laws while integrating with the payroll management tool.

    Specify appraisal requirements:

    You will have the option to select your evaluation needs after entering the property's details. This could include the objective of the evaluation, the amount of data required, and any particular guidelines or directions for the appraiser.


    Offices run on different week Cycles. While some employees need to work 6 days a week, others may need to work for 5 days. Hence, with CloveHRMS, many customization options give you the ability to customize the software.


    The Appraisal Management Tool offered by CloveHRMS offers numerous benefits to companies, providing them with a competitive edge. Some of the key advantages include:

    1. Payroll Errors Elimination

    The first benefit that you get with our time attendance management tool is error-free payroll calculation. It lets you pay your employees with 100% accuracy and eliminates the instances of overpaying or underpaying.

    2. Real-Time Attendance Tracking

    With real time attendance tracking, the changes to projects can be made in real-time too. So chances of hindering workflow gets to almost zero.

    3. Attendance Record Keeping

    Unlike the traditional attendance management, this software can keep the attendance records saved for years. So it will help you with audits and dealing with other legal issues.

    4. Customization

    One fit for all is not a great option when it comes to business software. That's why we offer customization options so that you can mold the software to fit your needs.

    5. Data Security

    While traditional methods of attendance keeping don't allow for data security, our solution keeps employee data totally out of reach from third parties and safe behind the firewalls.

    6. Time Effectiveness

    Being automated, a benefit of time attendance management software is that it saves a lot of time. Be it the attendance marking or processing data for insights, everything just takes a fraction of the time to complete.

    What is the role of attendance management?

    Attendance management helps with multiple things like knowing who’s present and who’s absent, payroll calculation and many more. Moreover, it also helps you to deal with legal compliances with local labor laws.

    How do you manage employee attendance?

    It can boost engagement by providing a clear way for employees to receive feedback on their work, understand their goals, and feel more valued in the workplace.

    How does the attendance management system work?

    Attendance management systems integrate with physical attendance methods like NFC-based punch-in and punch-out systems. As some punches in, the system updates the attendance and keeps the record. At the end, it also updates the absent employee. Moreover, it also lets you see the leave applications to approve or reject.

    Why is attendance management important?

    The attendance management system is important for two main reasons. Firstly, it helps you comply with labor laws, saving you from unknown legal troubles. Secondly, it saves you time by automating your attendance management. So you can save time and resources for the organization.

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