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The company policy is a crucial part of any organisation. It is something that needs to be created and managed with utmost care. For this purpose, you need reliable and smart software that can assist you with the related matters. The Policy Management Tool of CloveHRMS is a software that allows you to create, edit and manage your company policies smartly and quickly. The company policies are dynamic in nature. They keep on changing as per the needs of the ever-changing society. Thus, you have a trustworthy platform to carry out the desirable changes and CloveHRMS Policy Management Tool is among the most reliable software in the market. It has various features that HR Teams usually seek to resolve their policy related matters. It is easy to implement, you can control the access, allow seeking the acknowledgement, has a powerful workflow, has a support and training feature, and is encrypted with high end security etc.

Key Features

Policy Management System is an inseparable part of any organization. Each company needs to incorporate this software in their work system to carry out various tasks. To help you out in each task we have furnished our software with all the below mentioned features.


Easy to Implement

This Policy Management solution is very easy to implement. You are given all the features on the display and you can use all of them without having the need of integrating much effort.

Access Control

Here you are furnished with the options of setting up the customizable access control. You can decide and limit the access of the users as per the requirement and need.

Central Repository

This software gives you the support of a central repository to locate all your necessary data at one safe and easily accessible place.

Paperless Process

The policy management of this software is independent of the paperwork and rejects the traditional methods of policy making.

Support and Training

Although the software is very easy to use, it is still supported with the training and help system to be your backbone in the state of confusion or doubts.

Data Security and Integrity

The best part of this software is that it encrypts your data with high-end security and integrity. This software takes care of your data from misuse, stealth, and misleading.

Powerful Workflow

It maintains a powerful and direct channel for the workflow. It allows the restrictions free supply of the knowledge related to the policies to everyone in the organisation and thus helps in avoiding the breakage of workflow.

Policy Archive and Versioning

You can classify the policies under separate subheadings to help the company member in accessing the right information without much effort.

Link Regulations to Policy

This policy management system also allows you to link the regulations to your policy.

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    Quick & Easy Use

    This software is built to reduce the burden of the companies and give them a platform to carry out policy related matters quickly and easily. Here is how our Policy Management tool helps you out –

    Identify your Objectives

    This software guides you and helps you out in determining the right objectives and further assists you in carrying out the set objectives.

    You can determine the base or entry points effectively with the use of this software.


    The software will itself punch the notification to all the users whenever a change will be made in the existing policy.

    Employee Attestation

    The software provides you the feature of employee attestation. Through this feature, you can ask your employees to give their attestation in order to keep the track that your employees have gone through the newly updated policy.


    Here you also have the quick feature of bookmarks where your employees can put a digital bookmark on the policy from where they have left and continue reading according to their pace whenever they wish.

    Sketch User Flow-Chart Outline

    To help users or employees in understanding the policy better you can sketch the related flow charts and tables. It also saves the time of the user.

    Benefits to Clovehrms tool for business

    The policy management tool is highly beneficial to the companies. The companies can encash the benefits in the following ways.

    Fewer Time Demands

    The primary benefit of this software is that it includes fewer time consumption and thus is very significant to the company.

    Increase Flexibility

    It removes the rigidity in the policy related matter like before. Since implementing the changes in the policy is so easy with the CloveHRMS Policy Management system, you can single-handedly carry out the management and improve flexibility in the proceedings.

    Providing a Central Place

    This software is like a central place for all the policy related concerns. You can store the data, share the data, manage the data, and execute the changes, and that too on a single platform.

    Instant Audit Trial

    Doing the Audit of your work is more difficult than doing the work itself. This software sets you free from the responsibility of this challenging task by providing the feature of instant and automatic Audit Trials.

    What is a Policy Management System, and why do organizations use it?

    A Policy Management System is like a tool that helps organizations create, store, and manage their policies and procedures. Organizations use it to make sure employees follow the rules and stay compliant with laws and regulations.

    How does a Policy Management System help in ensuring that employees are aware of and understand company policies?

    It helps by providing a central place where employees can access and review policies, making it easier for them to know and understand the rules they need to follow.

    Can We use this system to track changes and updates to policies?

    Yes, it can track changes to policies and send notifications to employees, making sure everyone is aware of any updates or revisions.

    What role does a it play in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements?

    It helps organizations align their policies with regulations and track compliance by providing tools to manage, update, and audit policies.

    How can this system help with handling policy violations and investigations within an organization?

    It provides a way to document policy violations, initiate investigations, and maintain a record of actions taken to address violations.

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