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CloveHR furnishes the users with the all-time active support services. The support system of CloveHR is armoured with multiple benefits a user can encash. This user-friendly support system is a tool to provide smart and quick solutions to the users of the software whenever required. The users can raise queries and seek help from the support team. Our experts actively provide the best solutions to your matters. Ensuring the highest comfort to the users is the primary objective of our support system.

Key features

The Appraisal Management Tool of CloveHRMS has various features. The prime features of the software are mentioned below:-


Customizable Configurations

The Appraisal Management Tool allows organizations to configure and customize various aspects of the appraisal process, including forms, rating scales, visibility rules, workflows, and score calculations, to match their unique requirements

Goal and Achievement Analysis

Users can analyze and track individual and team goals and achievements within the tool, providing visibility into progress and fostering alignment with organizational objectives.

Skills and Competency Management

The tool enables businesses to identify skills and competency gaps, facilitating targeted training and development initiatives to enhance employee capabilities.

Comprehensive Feedback Collection

In addition to 360-degree feedback, the tool facilitates the collection of continuous feedback from peers, seniors, and juniors, providing a well-rounded perspective on employee performance.

360-Degree Feedback

With the tool, businesses can incorporate 360-degree feedback forms and templates, enabling continuous feedback from multiple stakeholders to provide a comprehensive view of employee performance.

Holistic Performance Evaluation

The tool supports a holistic approach to performance evaluation by gathering insights into different areas of employee performance, promoting overall development and growth.

Real-Time Data Insights

Through analytics, dashboards, and configurable reports, the tool offers real-time data insights, empowering organizations to make informed decisions based on performance data and trends.

At-Risk Employee Tracking

Organizations can monitor at-risk employees through the tool, allowing for proactive intervention and support to improve performance and prevent talent attrition.

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    How to Utilise CloveHRMS Support Management Tool?

    Below is a broad explanation of how to utilise the Clove HRMS Support Management Tool. Keep in mind that certain actions and features may differ based on how the system has been configured or customised.

    Accessing the Tool:

    Use your special username and password to sign in to the Clove HRMS system to get started. Go to the support management section after logging in. Usually, it can be found in the HRMS system's main menu or sidebar.

    Submitting a Support Ticket:

    You can send a support ticket using the support management tool. To open a new ticket form, click on it. Please enter the necessary information, including your name, email address, and a detailed description of the problem or question you need help with. To aid the support team in understanding your request, try to include as much pertinent information as you can.

    Categorizing the Ticket:

    The following step can entail selecting an issue type or category from a list. In doing so, the customer service staff can route your ticket to the group or individual who can best meet your needs. Choose the category that best describes your request or issue.

    Prioritizing the Ticket:

    In some systems, users can assign their support tickets varying levels of priority. If this option is provided, you can state how important or urgent you consider your request to be. Different priority levels, such as high, medium, and low, are often present. Based on the relevance or urgency of your problem, choose the appropriate level.

    Attaching Files (if necessary):

    Whenever you feel it will be easier for the support team to understand your request, you are welcome to attach any relevant documents or files to the issue. This may contain any further materials, such as screenshots, error logs, or other materials, that may aid in resolving the problem.

    Submitting the Ticket:

    Once you've completed all the necessary fields, reviewed your request, and attached any necessary attachments, you may submit the support ticket. To begin the process, click the ``Submit`` or ``Create Ticket`` button, if applicable. Once you click on it, your ticket will be sent to the support team for evaluation.

    Resolving the Issue:

    After reviewing your case, the support staff will get to work on a solution or response. If further information or clarity is required, they may inquire. They will update the ticket with the pertinent information as soon as they have addressed your concern or offered the required assistance.

    Tracking the Ticket:

    You'll most likely receive a confirmation email or text message with the ticket number and some other helpful information after submitting the ticket. By preserving this data, you can track the progress of your ticket. You can frequently check the status of your ticket inside the support management tool, or you can contact the support team through the designated channels.

    Closing the Ticket:

    The support staff will mark the ticket as resolved whenever you are completely satisfied with the solution to your problem. You might be prompted to confirm the resolution at this point or to share your thoughts on the encounter. The ticket will be closed and the closure will be reflected in the support management tool if everything is satisfactory.


    Ultimate Guide

    The support system of CloveHR works as the reliable and ultimate guide to the software. Here you get the detailed information of process and optimum utilisation of the tools.

    Prompt Responses and Quick Solutions

    Our expert teams actively respond to the customer’s request within the time and try to provide the best and quick solutions to the related queries.

    Direct Channel

    The support system develops a direct channel with the providers. This channel helps you in seeking the support directly from the experts that reduces the scope of misinterpretation and confusion.

    User Comfort

    The comfort of the users is the priority of our support team. The experts try their level best to find the best solution to the queries raised by the customers.

    What's a Support Management System, and why use it?

    A Support Management System is like a tool that helps companies handle employee support and service inquiries. Companies use it to make their customer support more organized and efficient.

    How can a Support Management System improve employee satisfaction?

    It can improve employee satisfaction by ensuring that customer inquiries are handled promptly and that information is readily available to assist customers.

    How does automation improve Support Management Systems and customer support efficiency?

    Automation helps by handling routine tasks like ticket assignment and responses, allowing support teams to focus on more complex issues and delivering faster responses to employee.

    Can it track and analyze support performance?

    Yes, it can track metrics like response times, customer feedback, and issue resolution rates, providing valuable insights to improve customer support quality.

    How does this system contribute to creating a more responsive and customer-centric company culture?

    It fosters a customer-centric culture by emphasizing the importance of timely and effective customer support, making it a priority for the organization.

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