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Employee Management system is a software that assists the company to manage the productivity of the employees and helps them in achieving the daily based tasks and pre-determined goals. Employees are the most important part of any organisation. Their attentiveness and performance determine the status of the company. However, the biggest challenge for any organisation is to manage the work and productivity of its manpower. It is quite tough to build a manual system of managing the tasks for the employees. Here CloveHRMS Employee Management Software comes for the rescue. Our Employee Management system can help you in accelerating the productivity of your employees and that too with utmost efficiency. CloveHRMS has the best Employee Management Solution that helps you in guiding your workforce in the right direction. With the help of our employee management system, you can easily handle and manage the administration activities. It securely intimates your employees regarding the various work-related matters like new tasks, deadlines, project status, time and attendance management, Absence and Leave Management, Employee self service portal, Employee Database, Work Reporting, Team communication etc.

Key features

Employee Management system of CloveHRMS has various features. The prime features of the software are mentioned below.


Time and Attendance Management

CloveHRMS Employee Management System you can quickly manage the time and attendance of your employees. You can keep the record of average working hours along with the working days. Such kind of Data further helps the companies to analyse the overall performance of the employee & thus is quite important to be kept.

Absence and Leave Management

By using this free Employee Management System, you can easily manage the leaves of your employees with the least effort. You can utilize the software in approving, overviewing, and tracking the leave of the employees. You can also further use the data in computing the payroll as per the company policies.

Employee Self Service Portal

This software is equally important for your manpower as well. This software assists your employees too in multiple ways. It helps them in setting the reminders for important deadlines and meetings, tracking the status of their application, taking the ideas of upcoming holidays, following up the salary details etc.

Task Management

The task management feature of our employee management system allows you and your employees to manage the list of every day to do list to bring efficiency in the work system. You may assign the tasks individually as well as in the group by using the software.

Work Reporting

With the help of our software, you can measure the progress of your projects by tracking the completed and pending tasks. You can encourage your employees to update the team regarding the accomplishment of the tasks on the software itself.

Team Communication

The CloveHRMS Employee Management System builds a channel among the employees as a team and gives a platform to interact. This process avoids the scope of any miscommunication and access the effective implementation of the task.

Performance Report

This software reports you regarding the performance of your employees. You can track the performance of the team as a whole or of the employee individually by overviewing their achieved tasks.

Employee Database

This employee management system is beneficial in keeping and managing the Employee Database smartly and precisely.

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    Here are a few easy-to-use features of our Employee Manage System.

    Creating Policy

    Through this Employee Management System, you can create the standardized or specific policies related to the work. You also get the feature of further managing and editing your policy. Creating the policy allows you to maintain transparency among the management and employees.

    Set Approval Managers

    Here you also get the feature of adding, removing and managing the members. You can appoint the different concerned managers for different tasks by allocating the customized authorities as per the needs. You can provide the access of the various features in use to whosoever you desire to.

    Month End Calculation

    Apart from that, this software comes with another amazing feature of Month End Calculation. Conducting such large scaled calculations manually is a bit typical and time consuming task. With the help of the Employee Management System, you can do all the calculations in just a few steps.

    Assign Policy

    This employee management system further gives you the access of assigning the policy as per your company requirements.

    Benefits of Clovehrms Tools for Business

    The employee management tool of CloveHRMS has multiple benefits. It provides the advantage to the companies in various ways. A few of them are listed below.

    Improve Productivity

    This software generates the scope of increased productivity of the employees and the company. It furnishes the team with various features to avoid the hindrance in the conduction of the work.

    Reducing Liabilities

    It reduces the liabilities or work load of any particular person in authority. Instead, it gives the way to team work by avoiding the burden on a single person in authority.

    Increased Employee Engagement

    This employee management tool helps in making your employees an active workforce rather than a passive worker. Active employees perform more potentially in the company.

    Cut Cooperation Cost

    It is also very reasonable in terms of cost to the company. It eliminates the use of multiple software for various tasks by integrating all the features in one single software.

    Harmony among Workforce

    With the use of Employee Management tools, they can set up a happy environment among the workforce by providing them with satisfaction in their work.

    Easier Hiring

    It allows you to manage the job application and hiring process as well. You can easily read the applications, make the necessary action, and send and receive the responses directly through the software.

    What is an Employee Management System, and why do companies use it?

    An Employee Management System is like a digital tool that helps companies keep track of their employees and important information about them. Companies use it to make things like tracking work hours and paying employees easier and more organized

    What benefits can a business get from using an Employee Management System?

    Companies can benefit by saving time and reducing mistakes when managing employee data. It also helps with paying employees accurately and keeping track of their work schedules.

    Can an Employee Management System help with managing remote or work-from-home employees?

    Yes, these systems often have features that make it easier to track remote workers’ hours and communicate with them. They can be especially helpful for companies with employees who work from home.

    How can businesses make sure that their employee data is secure when using these systems?

    To keep employee data safe, it’s important to choose a system that follows data protection rules and uses strong security measures. Regular updates are also essential to protect against any security problems..

    What features should a small business look for when choosing an Employee Management System?

    Small businesses should consider features like payroll management, time tracking, and employee self-service. These features can help streamline HR tasks without being too complicated.

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