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The timesheet management software by CloveHRMS is a comprehensive online support system that helps you out in tracking the various work duration related details of the employees. This software can keep the records of the working hours devoted by your team. This timesheet management software accesses the Login and log out timings, spent hours, breaks, overtime and leaves of your employees. It can also compute the payroll and attendance along with the guarantee adherence to regulations of the company policy. The online timesheet management software of CloveHR assists you in performing all such tasks while incorporating much accuracy in the evaluations. This platform cuts down the manual error and delays that the HR team usually finds hectic.

Key features

The Timesheet Management Software of CloveHR offers various features that can be utilised at multiple levels in an organisation. It resolves various timesheet related matters by incorporating the below mentioned key features.


Automated Timesheet Generation

Now, generating the timesheet is easier than ever with the Timesheet management tool by CloveHR. By using our software you can automatically create the precise and perfectly computed timesheet of your employees by selecting the required areas.

Accurate Evaluation of the Payroll

Evaluating the payroll manually is quite challenging. It may result in errors and also involves a lot of time. This timesheet management tool computes the payroll in just a few steps while adhering to the company policy.

Hours spent - Breaks - Overtime

The timesheet management tool also accesses the details related to hours spent by the employee in a day, breaks and the overtime hours.

Manual and Automatic Entries

Sometimes, the employees forget or remain unable to punch their attendance for certain reasons at the beginning of the day. To deal with such situations, the employees get access to the feature of manual entries.

Compute the Productivity

This software owns the feature of calculating the average time devoted by the employee in the task that can be further used in commuting the individual or team productivity.

Login-Logout Details

This software fetches the login and logout timings of your employees and makes the sorted data available whenever required with no manual efforts.

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    Quick & Easy use

    There are multiple ways in which the Time Management Tool of CloveHR saves your time and efforts. Here is how our timesheet management software gets your work done quickly and easily.

    Reduces the Burden

    When you switch to our Timesheet Management Software, it ultimately reduces the burden of the HR team by generating all the employees timesheets automatically in lesser time and effort.

    Easy Exporting

    You can easily export the data from the software whenever needed. You may also use the filter to select and export the data according to your requirements.

    It fetches the clock-in and clock-in time of the employees automatically and eliminates the need for manual entries.

    Customised Access

    The Admin can easily grant the access to the employees for selected features. Plus, the admin can also withdraw the access whenever needed.


    The Timesheet management tool of CloveHR can benefit your company in multiple ways.

    Improved Productivity

    This software helps in improving the productivity of the employees by providing them and the organisation a fair idea of the hours devoted by each individual.

    Project Time-Tracking

    You may use the Timesheet Management software in tracking the project time as well. It gives you all the related stats within minutes.

    Accurate Time Tracking

    Manual Time records often leave the scope of errors. By using the Timesheet Management Software you can access the accurate and precise time tracks.

    Reduced Paperwork

    Using the human resource management tool reduces the paperwork and manual work as complete action in processed onlines.

    Smooth Enforcement of Work

    This software is a central repository for all the timesheets. You can find and keep all the necessary records at one location and thus can run the related tasks smoothly.

    Real Time-Reports

    Export the real time reports and performance status with just a few steps.

    What is a Timesheet Management System, and why do companies use it?

    Timesheet Management System is like a digital tool for keeping track of employee work hours. Companies use it to make recording time worked and managing payroll easier and more organized.

    How can a Timesheet Management System benefit businesses and employees?

    It benefits businesses by ensuring accurate payroll, monitoring work hours, and helping with project management. For employees, it provides a way to record and track their working hours.

    What is the impact of Timesheet Management Software?

    It can boost productivity by streamlining time tracking, leading to better project planning and budget management.

    How Can it help manage overtime and ensure compliance with labor laws?

    It can calculate overtime hours, track them, and alert businesses to potential issues, helping to ensure compliance with labor regulations.

    What other features should I look when choosing a Timesheet Management System?
    [vc_column_textConsider features like easy time entry, project tracking, and integration with payroll systems to simplify the process.[/vc_column_text]
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