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Top 10 Modern HRMS Software in Noida – CloveHRMS

Top HRMS Software in Noida

Indian businesses are evolving faster than ever, making India a great competitor to many developed nations. However, to keep the pace of this growth constant or even faster than today, Indian businesses need to implement new automated systems that can help them focus on their core business. 

Many companies are offering one such automation option. The solution is called HRMS software, which streamlines the HR operations of any company, shredding all the load off the shoulders of HR management in any organization. 

Moreover, not only the HR department but also the HRMS solution helps employees and top management. However, choosing one from the pool of HRMS software is difficult. That’s why we have compiled a list of India’s top 10 HRMS software. 

1) CloveHRMS

The first in the list of the best modern HRMS is the CloveHRMS. It is an extensive solution for HR automation as it gives you access to many HR tools. The list of features in CloveHRMS includes:

  • Employee Management
  • Performance Management
  • Learning Management
  • Appraisal Management
  • Payroll Management

Moreover, it allows you to customize its features according to your organizational needs. CloveHRMS also has some additional features that make it stand out from others. One such feature is its flawless onboarding management. If you want an HR automation solution for your growing business, check out CloveHRMS here. 

Price: You can contact CloveHRMS for price inquiries. 

2) Keka HR

Keka HRMS Tool

mall or medium-sized organizations often face the problem of being unable to procure the software they need to streamline their operations. However, Keka HR is the solution for these organizations’ HR operations needs. The software has all the necessary HR features, including attendance management, leave management, and payroll calculations. Moreover, it also has crucial features for the C-suite of the company, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. 

Pricing: Keka HR’s Foundation plan starts from ₹6999 per month, which covers 100 employees. Moreover, adding a new employee costs ₹60. 

3) GreytHR

greythr HRMS tool

Mostly praised for simplicity, GreytHR is an HRMS that also comes at an affordable price. The tool is considered best for any business, regardless of size. It has features like automated payroll management and processing, simplified leave and attendance manager, and real analytics and insights. Moreover, it also complies with local labor laws and allows for customization. 

Pricing: The package starts from ₹3495 per month for 50 employees and ₹30 for each new employee. 

4) Zing HR

Image of ZingHR HRMS Tool

If you cannot install in-house HRMS software, Zing HR offers you their cloud-based HR automation solution. This HRMS tool has all the necessary features, such as employee self-service and administrative-level features. Moreover, it also comes with mobile phone compatibility, making its self-service features more accessible. 

Pricing: Zing HR starts their offerings from ₹7250 for 50 employees. 

5) Zoho People

Zoho HRMS image

One of the most popular HRMS comes from Zoho, known as Zoho People. Starting from an Indian Village, Zoho today serves around the globe. Their HRMS is considered best for medium and large-sized companies. Moreover, along with having every HR feature, their flexible pricing makes them stand out. 

Pricing: Their price per employee is ₹48, and it is billed annually for all the employees in the organization. 

6) Pocket HRMS

Image of PocketHRMS Tool

One of the best HRMS designed specifically for the Indian market, Pocket HRMS provides end-to-end HR solutions. It has all the basic features like payroll processing, attendance management, and statutory compliance. Plus, being a cloud-based platform, it also offers scalability and flexibility. Moreover, its cloud-based operation also saves the upfront cost of installing HRMS software. 

Pricing: Pocket HRMS starts from ₹2495 per month for 50 employees and charges ₹40 for new employees. 

7) Kredily

Image of kredily


Let’s now add another cloud-based HR solution to the list. Kredily is one of the best cloud HRMSs for organizations in their initial stages who want an affordable HR tool. It saves money to install in-house solutions and comes with a very affordable price tag. Moreover, it offers almost every basic HR feature, including payroll, attendance, and leave management. 

Pricing: Kredily subscription starts from ₹1400 per month and ₹60 for adding each new employee. 

8) PeopleStrong

PeopleStrong Image PeopleStrong is one of the first HR tools to have a GenAI touch. Moreover, they offer a complete HR solution, which is why there is no need for any other HR tool. PeopleStrong has features like recruitment management, Core HR features, performance analysis, analytics & insights dashboard, and a learning platform. 

Pricing: You must contact PeopleStrong for pricing, as they offer custom plans for everyone. 

9) Razorpay

Image of Razorpay

Razorpay is a well-known enterprise payment Integration company. Along with their payment integration, they also offer HR solutions to companies. It features leave management, an attendance management onboarding system, etc. Moreover, it gives you integration options with many third-party platforms. It’s best for emerging startups, and their current customer base also includes many popular startups like DoubtNut, Zupee, Unacademy, etc. 

Pricing: You can start with Razorpay for ₹4999 per month for up to 50 employees. 

10) BambooHR

Image of BambooHR tool

BambooHR is renowned for its intuitive design and robust features. It includes rare features like applicant tracking, onboarding, and performance management. Moreover, BambooHR simplifies HR tasks and fosters employee engagement. Bamboo HR is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses in India. Additionally, it offers 125+ integration with third-party software like Slack, Indeed, NETSUITE, etc. 

Pricing: Contact Bamboo HR for the price. 

Final Words

These are the top 10 HRMS tools available for Indian business. While all of these ten pieces of software are the best, you should always look at your needs and align them with the software first to choose the best one. Moreover, some necessary features you shouldn’t miss in an HR tool are customization, payroll management, employee analysis, leave management, attendance management, and compliance management.